Shaving Soap Vs Shaving Cream – Which Is Best?

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  • Date: October 28, 2021
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A quality shaving cream is more moisturizing than a shaving soap. Shaving creams produce a richer and creamier lather that is more cushioning and lubricating. Moreover, the modern cream allows for easier and quicker shaving cherished by both beginners and wet-shavers. However, the soap also has its benefits and is popular for affordability and easy to use. Read more to find out what each of them offers and how you can benefit from them.

When it comes to shaving and picking between shaving soap or shaving cream, just know that the result and efficiency of the product is very similar, and instead this choice comes down to what kind of mood or attitude you have towards shaving in general. Do you see it as

  • A) a chore that needs to be completed quickly and efficiently
  • B) a daily ritual, taking time out of your busy day to enjoy some self care, enjoying the process and art of the shave.

Once you know your attitude to shaving, it helps decide which product is for you.

Lets do a quick comparison of shaving soap vs shaving foam before we get stuck into the composition and benefits of each product

What’s the difference?

Shaving Soap works by combining both water and oils to form a lubricating lather. This means you can whip up the rich creamy lather in no time at all, by using your shaving brush or even just running it under some warm tap water.

Shaving cream works slightly different. Instead of requiring the addition of water, the shaving cream will already contain millions of tiny bubbles, which are activated by simply applying it to your face with your finger tips, allowing these millions of tiny soap bubbles to help lift whiskers off your face for the closest possible shave.

What’s The Benefit?

The benefit is that shaving soaps allows you much more control during the process. Once whipped into a thick lather consistency, you have got 100% concentration on each stroke, making sure that you don’t miss any area or go over the same area too many times. This increased attention to detail during your shave means fewer mistakes, and less irritation on your face/scalp

The benefit of shaving cream is its convenience . You don’t need a shaving brush to apply it, all you need is 2 fingers and water (tap or bottled). No fuss, no mess. Due to this factor, shaving creams are ideal for travel purposes as they take up minimal “over head” space in your wash bag.

What Does The Skin Think?

Shaving soap will generally provide a much more softer, closer shave than cream because of the lubricating properties of the soap. Creams are known to cause some “drag” against the skin due to the oils contained in the product which actually lift whiskers up off your face like waxing, causing slight irritation and discomfort for all skin types

Shaving creams on the other hand provide less control over each stroke, but this can be minimized by using shaving cream with added glycerin – this helps increase water retention between double edge blades and skin (daily shaving depletes natural moisture) , resulting in smoother shaves. However it should also be noted that shaving cream does clog up your razor faster than say gel or foam meaning your razor blades will need changing more often.

Why Would You Choose Shaving Soap Over Cream?

This is where we go back to our attitude choice mentioned at the beginning of the article, and if you chose option B (Enjoying the ritual) then maybe you should consider using a shaving soap.

Part of the appeal with a good quality shaving soap is brushing the moisture into the soap, generating a thick lather and releasing the luxurious aromas. The smell is one of the biggest selling points of the shaving soap and because of this the price will vary, rising with more luxurious brands and smells.

For many, the shaving soap dish, with a high quality shaving brush is all part of the experience. After all, shaving truly is an art that needs to be mastered. Yes, it might not be as convenient, or as comfortable on the skin compared to shaving foam, but the shaving soap experience is as classy now than its ever been.

So take your time, never rush anything that alters your appearance, just enjoy the process.

Which should I buy?

Honestly, its really down to personal preference and what kind of mood you are in for your shave . Both shaving soap and shaving cream provide a very close shave when combined with good technique and a good shaver. If you’d like to get started with a good shaver, brush and shaving bowl then the below kit is highly reccomened. Pair this set with a scented shaving soap and you’re good to go

Miusco Men’s Wet Shaving Kit

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