The Best Electric Shaver For Bald Heads

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  • Date: October 28, 2021
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Whether you’re a man or woman, it’s not uncommon to be rocking an entirely hairless head these days. It can take some time to get used to shaving your head every day, but eventually it becomes second nature. Still, people make mistakes when they first start out and end up with razor burn on their scalp for weeks before figuring things out. That’s why we wrote this article about choosing the best electric shaver for bald heads!

We ranked the best electric shavers for bald heads on a few factors that we think make a great shaver. Things like, how it feels in your hand when going over your head, or how close it can safely shave without turning your head into some sort of cheese grater (We’ve tested some pretty poor shavers out there).

For each of the head shavers listed below, we not only took into account our own experience and feedback, but we also crawled through hundreds of reviews to get a true public review. Thankfully, every electric shaver we tested on bald heads managed to do a pretty decent job, with some actually producing better than expected results.

So, without further delay, here is our experts top 5 list of best electric shavers for bald heads in 2021.

Best Electric Shaver

1 – Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor

The best electric shaver for bald heads


Five ultra-sharp precision honed 30° Nanotech blades

Built-in pop up trimmer

Multi Flex pivoting head

Linear motor which delivers 14,000 cuts per minute

LED battery display

Average battery life: 45 minutes


  • Gives the closest shave
  • Premium materials and build quality with Japanese Blade Technology
  • Hypoallergenic stainless steel provides extra comfort on sensitive skin
  • Waterproof for wet and dry shaving
  • Built in trimmer is a nice touch for detailing facial hair and sideburns


  • Higher on price than other models
  • Newer models available but at higher price

When you accept that you’re bald, you want to be truly bald, unless of course you’re going for the Jason Statham look. When it comes to electric shavers, there is no better choice for comfort, closeness and quality than the Panasonic Arc shavers. This particular model came out around 2018 but the quality of the shave hasn’t changed from the day it was released. This thing trims right down to the skin, whilst providing a mostly smooth and rash-free finish.

Whilst newer models of this shaver are available for a higher price point, unless you’ve got money to burn then you might as well save yourself the cash. In comparison with newer models, the differences are mainly design and minor tweaks, with everything great about it being readily available in this model

The active shave sensor technology is nice, but not really needed on the head – This is probably more noticeable on facial hair, as most of us have different growth rates in different areas of the face. The power is adjusted where the beard is thicker and reduced to go over finer hairs.

Overall the comfort whilst using the shaver was great, the multi-flex pivoting head works as intended, moving with the natural shaping of your head. It feels great in the hand and the flexing head gives you confidence you’re not missing any patches around the back of your head.

Finally the pop up precision trimmer is an unexpected bonus, saving another tool for the job, its perfect for lining up those sideburns or trimming your mustache lines over the lip. The 2nd use for the trimmer is to quickly trim down any longer areas of hair before going over with the foils for the smooth finish you’re after

2 – Braun Series 7 7027cs

Highest level of 5 star reviews and customer recommendations 


Autosense technology

360 degree flexible shaver head

50 minutes shaving time (3 weeks average)

100% waterproof for wet and dry shaving


  • The flexible shaver head provides comfort and a great shave over natural head shaping
  • Autosense works well and provides an even shave when going over uneven stubble or hair
  • Comes with a great quality travel case
  • Beard trimming attachments are included with the price
  • Reliable, German engineering from the Braun brand gives you peace of mind


  • Documentation can be confusing when using the shaver for the first time

The Braun 7 series is a bit of a legend in the shaver world, with barbers and home users raving about it. You’ll often see reviews on other shavers, of people complaining they are “not as good as my Braun 7 series”.

The German brand is known for sturdy, well built products that just work, in fact they work very well! The documentation can be a little confusing when you’re first setting up your shaver, but once you figure things out (Try Youtube if you’re struggling) then it’s quite easy to use.

The Flex head is a game changer, and as one customer stated it feels like the shaver has suspension when it glides over your skin. After using multiple shavers with flex head technology, its difficult to go back to shavers without it.

The Braun 7 series is a little more expensive than the Panasonic but does come with more accessories and a nice travel case. The price has dropped in the last 12 months, so now is a fantastic time to buy.

3 – AidallsWellup Men’s 5-in-1 Electric Head Shaver for Bald Men

The best value for money head shaver


6 Blades for quick shaving

Up to 90 minutes use on a full charge

Easy clean system


Comes with 5 switchable heads


  • The 6 blade system provides a quick and efficient shave
  • Blades are angled to get an even shave over the jaw and skull
  • Very long battery life with full charge available in just 1.5 hours
  • Easy to use and feels good in the hand
  • Plenty of attachments included with the price makes it great value for money


  • It’s not clear on Amazon to see the difference between the brands models
  • Not a well known brand

Skull shavers are a great alternative to professional barbering equipment that are easy to use straight out of the box. As a professional barber, it’s not something I would use on  paying customers – but for personal use when you can’t easily see the back or edges of your head, it works great.

The handle is comfortable and you can confidently get a close and even shave over the hard to see areas, especially with the angled 6 blades making sure you get good coverage. 

We found this works best with a wet shave, as you can really glide over your head, getting a very close shave. How close you can get with the shaver depends on how thick your natural hair is, with some people reporting it still leaves a slight stubble feeling – This all comes down to personal preference and how ‘smooth’ you like your finish. From my test shave it was more than close enough, giving a smooth look all around.

The accessories – A great addition, and only highlights how good the value for money is on this shaver. The trimmer worked well, but things like the shaving foam massage brush was a bit of a gimmick and it’s best to have a dedicated brush for this. You don’t want to use your battery just to apply shaving foam. 

Overall, one of the best shavers for bald heads at a fantastic price.

4 – Pitbull Skull Shaver Gold PRO

The most famous skull shaver


90 minutes run time

LED Illuminated Numerical Charge


Ergonomic handle design


  • Feels great in the hand for an all over shave
  • Very easy to clean
  • Clear LED battery level indicator


  • Slightly more expensive than other skull shavers
  • No accessories included

The Pitbull skull shavers are probably the most well known brand of skull shavers, with their patented design making it easy to hold in the hand when shaving over your head.  Because of this extra comfort grip, you can really get a feel for the shape of your head when gliding the shaver over your skull.

The blades are great, they give a close shave and are very easy to clean. The only downside would be that there are  only 4 blades compared to other skull shavers that feature a 5 blade shaving system. 

Whilst this is a great electric shaver for bald heads, it’s a little tricky to use around your facial hair especially under your chin around your neck. It’s possible, just a bit tricky and not  as comfortable as something like the Panasonic or Braun shavers.

5 – BaBylissPRO Barberology Cordless Metal Double Foil Shaver

The best foil shaver for bald heads


Blade type: Foil shaver

Up to 3 hours run time

Weight: 1 pound


  • Used by professional barbers around the world
  • Achieves a very close shave with the foil blades
  • Lightweight and easy to hold
  • Stylish design


  • Can be tricky to use with no experience using foil shavers
  • No stubble adjustment
  • Not suitable for long hairs

Every barber has a dedicated foil shaver at his disposal, to obtain that smooth finish right down to the skin. We had to include this foil shaver on our list of best electric shavers for bald heads, because with a little practice and guidance you can get a great finish with this little pocket sized shaver.

The downside to a simple foil shaver, is that you can’t adjust your trim length, it’s either down to the skin or nothing at all. As you’re reading this article for bald heads, we suspect this won’t be an issue for you though.

It’s important that you trim all your hair down first if it’s started to grow back, as the foil shaver won’t be able to work its magic unless it’s already down to a rough stubble. Once you’re down to stubble, you’ll be able to hear the foils trimming with each pass, leaving behind a buttery smooth finish.

Unlike the skull shavers, this can also be used very easily on facial hair and is easy to maneuver around your jaw and chin. It gets a little tricky towards the areas that you have trouble seeing though. However with practice and research, this really is one of the best electric shavers for bald heads. 

It can take a little while for your skin to get used to foil shavers, so don’t panic if you see some mild irritation a few days after using it. There is a reason this particular model is recommended by professional barbers.


The best electric shaver for bald heads – Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor

Highest level of 5 star reviews and customer recommendations – Braun Series 7 7027cs

The best value for money head shaver – AidallsWellup Men’s 5-in-1 Electric Head Shaver

The most famous skull shaver – Pitbull Skull Shaver Gold PRO

The best foil shaver for bald heads – BaBylissPRO Barberology Cordless Metal Double Foil Shaver

Tips for getting the best clean head shave:

When possible, always use shaving foam (or gel, if you prefer). This will help lift and soften hairs before shaving, which is best for cutting as the blade will be less likely to pull or tug at your skin.

This may seem like common sense but it’s important to make sure you are relaxed when attempting a clean head shave. If your mind is distracted by other things this can cause minor mistakes in judgement which can result in an uneven cut.

Sometimes even if you are relaxed your arm may start to tire, in that case take a break for 5 minutes then continue with what remains of the shave.

Starting out using a new electric shaver? Start with the thickest setting on the trimmer comb – this ensures longer hairs are short enough to fit through the heads cover. Then move to the next closest setting, and so on until you can trim all of your hair down with the shortest possible length.

Remember that it’s always best to shave in the direction of your hair growth, as this is where there are fewer hairs meaning less tugging. Make sure you pay careful attention to any spots where your hair grows in different directions, such as around your ears or neckline.

If you have a sensitive scalp then make use of a shaving oil before applying shaving foam or gel – this will further soften and lift hairs allowing for a closer shave with less irritation.

It may take a little practice if you’ve never shaved your head before but after a few times it becomes second nature.

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